Includes the following:

Rental fee
Security guards
Dining Room
Message on sign



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Rental Package

Main Auditorium

Thank you for your interest in our Facility.  We’d like to help you enjoy your special event and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

With the rental of our facility, you will be able to enjoy our 10,000 Sq. Ft. Auditorium that offers plenty of space for your guests to enjoy a nice dinner and still have plenty of room for a dance floor.  Along with the use of our Auditorium, the full sized Kitchen, Dining Room and Bar will be available to you for no extra charge.  Our staff will set up as many tables and chairs as you’d like and have them ready for you to decorate whichever way you’d like. 

Our District is required to obtain 4 security guards, from our contracted agency, for events up to 500 guests and Liability Insurance must be acquired to cover all events.  We’ve included the charges for these requirements in our “Rental Package” ($2,100.00) that includes all of our fees to avoid any surprise charges to our customers. 

Along with your rental, you may place a personalized message on our electronic sign in the front of our building to announce your event.  Messages can be whatever you’d like, but space is limited per frame.